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Web GUI for Multi-Tenant hosted Asterisk deployment.- unlimited extensions (limited by hardware) Platform independent Webmin module, for managing Multi-Tenant Asterisk based hosted IP PBX. Can be deployed on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Supports Asterisk 1.2.X and 1.4.X and can be used with Asterisk Business Edition. Includes management for: tenants, DIDs, accounts bulk generation; SIP/IAX/other trunks; outbound/inbound dialing; office hoursĀ“ based call handling rules; management of IP phones; mailboxes; multi level Auto Attendant; ACD and call queues; conference rooms; Asterisk CLI; CDRs. Also includes User Portal with call forwarding, call screening and blocking, company directory and personal contacts, click-to-call, CDR and voicemail. Software-only product that can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Webmin and Asterisk must be installed prior to PBX Manager installation - there are no other prerequisites. Free software upgrades for one year after purchase, extended maintenance and support can be purchased from Thirdlane or its resellers.

PBX Manager MTE allows Service Providers to offer their customers the same powerful IP PBX features found in PBX Manager through a secure hosted environment. With PBX Manager MTE, we"ve included all the powerful management and end-user features of PBX Manager, and added the additional management and security features needed to enable any organization to host dozens " or even hundreds " of individual Asterisk PBXs for their clients, customers, or tenants. Advantages of PBX Manager MTE: - Easy to install. PBX Manager MTE can be installed in minutes without requiring any database or web server software. - Ease of operation. No special knowledge of Linux or Asterisk is required for the operation, so the management functions can be performed by a regular staff. - Higher Performance. PBX Manager MTE uses dialplan only - no AGI scripts. This means calls stay clearer, even under a heavy load. - Extensibility. PBX ManagerĀ“s Script Library can be extended by users to include unlimited new PBX features. - Ease of support. Resellers and system integrators can now easily support geographically distributed clients. Components of PBX Manager MTE: PBX Manager MTE"s user interface duplicates that of PBX Manager, and adds the Tenant and DID management to support multi-tenant and hosting capabilities. It includes: - Management screens for system administrators and office staff responsible for day-to-day PBX management. - User Portal for phone users to manage their own extensions.

  • Manufactured by: ThirdLane Technologies

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