Altai A8 WIFI Cellular Base Station

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The Altai A8 WiFi Cellular Base Station is the world´s first WiFi outdoor access point optimized for maximum coverage from a minimum number of installation sites. The Altai A8 has been designed to provide industry best coverage and capacity without complicated networking protocols or the need for a high density of transmitters.

The A8 is a multi-radio base station utilizing smart antenna technologies and a patented signal processing algorithm to provide the industry´s best coverage per base station, especially in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) enviroments. The multiple antennas of the A8 can be configures to provide coverage that is optimized for area, pattern and elevation. Using up to 70% fewer access points than other WiFi systems to cover the same area enables less complex network design and provides lower latency for improvement in handling real-time applications such as VoIP and viceo streaming.
Wheter deployed for a single location, a campus area or city-wide network coverage. The Altai A8 is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership with significant savings in network equipment, broadband access, planning, site acquisition and installation.
The Altai A8 can also serve as last mile infraestructure for a wide range of broadband applications. It provides low deployment cost and fast provisioning of WiFi systems with the greatest coverage and bandwidth per installed base station.
The A8 WiFi Cellular Base Station can also be deployed in conjunction with existing micro-cellular wireless networks to provide high bandwidth, high-speed fixed and mobile data services. The A8 can be co-located to provide bandwidth up to 54 Mbps within existing micro-cell areas.

  • Model: Altai A8
  • Manufactured by: Altai Technologies

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