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The perfect product for the small- to medium-size enterprise

PBXnSIP offers all popular features of the PBX and maximizes the interoperability with existing vendors of SIP equipment. It has all features that you expect from a PBX. It has auto attendants, hunt groups, mailboxes, conference mixer. It even supports call recording, paging and call agent groups.

PBXnSIP uses the SIP protocol and supports a large range of devices from all kinds of vendors. It supports trunking to virtually every Internet telephone service provider (ITSP) who allows you to register a SIP device. It also sets very low requirements on the interoperability with PSTN gateways. You can choose between affordable devices that terminate your 911 calls and high-performance gateways that provide excellent audio quality to and from your network.

It is available for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and NetBSD. You can choose what hardware and software platform ist most efficient for you. You can use standard SNMP tools to check your PBX and you can remote manage your PBX from any web browser that can get to the built-in web server of the PBX. It supports plug and play for selected user agents and it self can be automatically configured.

PBXnSIP comes with built-in mini-session border controller (SBC) that allows your users to register, no matter if they are behind NAT or on a public Internet address. It uses https, sips, SRTP and sdes to make the communication to your PBX secure. Using sdes-capable devices, your voice calls will stay as secure as your https traffic.

PBXnSIP gives you an excellent price performance ratio and it keeps your supports costs as low as possible. This software must run somewhere, but If you don’t like to set up your own server, we can send you preconfigured servers that have everything set up for you already. If you tell us what you would like to have on these servers, we will pre-configure them for you. Just power them up, connect your peripherals, and start making calls. Installing a telephony system was never easier!

Feature List

SIP phones can register with the same extension several times.This is useful is you want to have phones in different locations, for example one in your office and another one at your home office. The PBX will ring all phones at the same time.

You may also have several extensions registed on one device.

Monitoring of extension state

Dial plans may be assigned on an extension bases. Dial plans are very flexible.

The PBX provides the information for SIP phones which is necessary to control LED keys. Phones that support the IETF draft dialog-state will be able to show you which lines are ringing and in use.

The PBX includes a simple conference mixer. You may set up any number of conference rooms on the PBX and you may protect them by a PIN code

The PBX supports fax extensions. Using a standard ATA (fax able) hardware, you can connect your fax to the PBX

Voicemail for every extension

The mailbox can be easily accessed with a star code or by dialing the extension number. Most SIP devices support the automatic dialing of the mailbox indicated by the messages waiting indicator (MWI).

Mailbox size adjustable for each extension. The mailbox supports the usual functions like urgent message marking, moving messages to other extensions, personal greeting and PIN code access from outside.

If an extension is not available, the PBX may send the call to the mailbox. Extensions may subscribe to message waiting indications. Upon user request, the PBX will send Emails when a voicemail has arrived.

Users can program call forwarding on no answer, always and busy from the phone through the IVR system. If located in another location, users can place external calls from their extension code.

Extensions may redirect anonymous calls to the busy destination. Extension may hide their extension number on external calls.

Users can dial star codes that control DND and call forwarding status of an extension.

The auto attendant handles the access to the extensions of the PBX. It supports IVR-based extension selection as well as the direct extension dialling. You may have any number of auto attendants.

You will be able to pick up calls in your hunt group and from your colleagues before your phone starts to ring by just pushing the key next to the LED. Call pickup groups can be defined per extension.

Sometimes you want to park the call so that you or someone else can pick that call up from another place. For this purpose, the PBX provides park orbits. They can be assigned on group bases.

If you automatically direct calls into the park orbit, you end up in a queue. Call center agents can pick the calls up one after another and this way implement a waiting queue.

Call return and call redial per extension

Hunt groups call extensions by a customizable call scheme. Three-stage hunt group
Selectable ring tone. Night service integration

Push2Talk is a very nice and intuitive solution for short group announcements. If you call the Push2Talk extension number, all associated extensions will receive a one-way audio call and playback the announcement. Simple 1:N communication. One-way audio. Multiple group setup

You may record your calls by pushing a record botton on your phone (works currently only with snom phones). The PBX will then record the conversation and send you the result in an email.

You may set up your own IVR menus. Using the flexible extended regular expression scheme, you may set up the nativation between the different account types. Using the built-in simple recorder you can generate the voice prompts with a standard telephone. Customizable behavior for collecting digits. Applications server integration via HTTP/SOAP

You may integrate an external application server using the SOAP XML standard (only available in the professional version). If you use this feature, you may include a database for making routing decisions.

Unlimited number of dial plans per domain. Extended regular pattern matching and substitution

The PBX supports multiple IP interfaces. You can run the PBX on a host that serves more than one IP address, for example ony public IP and one private IP. This way integrating remote offices becomes simple, if you use the TCP/TLS transport layer, you don´t even need NAT traversal products to integrate those locations, even if they are behind NAT.

Web Server running HTTP and HTTPS protocol

Built-in SNMP for real-time supervision of PBX status

CDR from web interface

Online-help from web interface

Logging available from web interface

Rotating Logfiles on daily basis

InstallShield executable for Windows

Technical Specifications


Operative System: The software IPBX is available for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and NetBSD.

SIP Features: The PBX supports UDP, TCP and TLS transport layers. TCP and TLS are used to address NAT, TLS is used to address security requirements.

It fully supports RFC 3263 SIP server location, including DNS SRV and DNS NAPTR.All requests are processed in an overlapping fashion, including DNS lookups.

ENUM lookups are possible with the PBX.

Secure media transport is implemented using secure RTP (SRTP). The key exchange uses hop-by-hop key encryption. This feature allows end to middle security without the need to distribute certificates or keys.

The PBX supports RFC 3515 (REFER) and handles the transfer cases locally, so that attached devices do not have to implement this request. This method avoids interoperability problems experienced in heterogeneous environments with different user agents.

The built-in tftp server provides selected phones with configuration data. This configuration information is generated on the fly, and can be set up in a very simple way. The configuration data can also be accessed by http or https protocol.

  • Model: PBX SME Edition 010X
  • Manufactured by: pbxnsip

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