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A Full Featured iPBX for the Small Business

The Epygi Quadro Family offers reliable, versatile, and cost-effective iPBXs that fulfill the communication needs of small businesses, branch offices and home offices.

The Quadro IPBX supports both regular PSTN lines and low cost VoIP Service providers. Just connect a Quadro to your broadband Internet service and it automatically configures itself, and in minutes, you are able to make voice over IP calls for free.

The core of the Quadro is the Call Manager where resides a CPU running Linux software. The Call Manager maintains state and interfaces with the FXS and FXO ports to set up and terminate voice calls. The Call Manager performs traditional telephony PBX functions such as call hold, call transfer, 3-way conferencing, call waiting, follow me and call statistics to name a few. The Call Manager also sends voice streams through the digital signal processor for voice compression.

Connect up to sixteen (16) ordinary phones into it, and up to sixty two (62) IP phones or assign four (4) PBX trunks (expandable in modules of 6 using the Quadro FXO), so that your entire office or household can use the Quadro. The voice quality through the Quadro´s digital signal processor (DSP) will always be as good as the current you are using with your long distance company.

Quadro is also packed with an amazing array of network features including a firewall and a virtual private network (VPN) for secure, private voice and data communications and as a PBX includes Auto Attendant, unified messaging features for FAX and Voice Mail and much more giving a big company image and awesome VoIP Service for an incredible price.

Since the Quadro also contains call forwarding and call routing instructions, people who are out of the office can still be reached automatically. The world becomes your virtual office. Communications has never been so inexpensive, flexible or convenient.

Additionally Quadro´s Caller ID recognizes your mobile phone number or anothe phone number previously programmed and immediately authenticates your access to the Quadro. Just dial your associate´s extension and the Quadro will let you route your call on the best route possible either down the hall or around the globe.

The Quadro uses both your local phone company lines and VoIP service lines to help you save on fixed line costs and toll charges while you maintain your known phone numbers for incoming calls and for backup in case of a temporary QoS problems or loss of Internet connectivity and emergency (911) calls. Quadro models have a lifeline safety feature in the event of power failure. If power goes out, one phone immediately connects to the public phone network.

Bridge calls to remote Quadro units over the Internet and to remote PSTN networks allowing users to generate calls to any phone as if they were originated locally. Multi-office companies can "federate" their Epygis so they act like one system with no interoffice phone charges and even least cost routing making call in the region of any branch into a local call for the whole group.

Epygi’s Quadro product line includes its all-in-one IP PBXs, gateways and conference servers. Quadros are sophisticated yet easy-to-deploy, and offer all of the traditional PBX functionality along with other unique features such as receptionist call queue monitoring, remote extensions with multi-company receptionist, and voicemail to email.

The purchase price of the Quadro is justified by the quantifiable cost savings associated with all long distance and international calls made through the Quadro. You will realize a quick payback on your initial investment and, then, enjoy recurring cost savings every time you use your Quadro.

The QuadroFXO is a modular approach to adding additional outside PSTN lines (POTS) to a corporate phone network that utilizes an Epygi Quadro IP PBX. Each QuadroFXO is a stand-alone SIP gateway device with 6 outside POTS lines. Multiple QuadroFXO gateways can be added to a Quadro IP PBX depending on how many additional lines are required. Uses include the addition of inbound lines, the balancing of outbound call volumes from a combination of analog and IP phones, fax lines, E911 emergency lines and individual direct dial numbers for each salesperson

Product Line Overview

Easy to install, configure, and use (self-configuring device for most applications)

Capacity of iPBX systems:

Quadro IPBX capacities
Quadro 2x: 1 PSTN line* and 2 analog phone port + up to 16 IP Phones
Quadro 4x: 2 PSTN lines* and 4 analog phone port + up to 62 IP Phones

Quadro 4x/4L 4 PSTN lines* and 4 analog phone port + up to 62 IP Phones
Quadro 16 x 4 PSTN lines* and 16 analog + up to 48 IP Phones (Quadro16x)

* The PSTN lines capacity can be expanded using QuadroFXO which comes with 6 FXO ports

Bridge calls to remote Quadro units over the Internet and to remote PSTN networks allowing users to generate calls to any phone on remote PSTN networks as if they were originated locally

High-speed computer Internet access from all networked devices and simultaneous connections for several phones and faxes

Voice prioritization over computer data traffic

Various internet connections to the ISP using ADSL, G.SHDSL, Ethernet or T1/E1

Office networking via Ethernet

USB ports for wireless modules (Quadro4x, Quadro4x/4L and Quadro16x only)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) to remote networks or devices with 128-bit data encryption providing optimal security for IP data and voice
(for the Quadro2x as upgrade option)

Encryption of IP calls to endpoints within the VPN tunnels
(for the Quadro2x as upgrade option)

Powerful firewall with Network Address Translation (NAT), policy and service-based filtering, stateful inspection, and Intrusion Detection System, (IDS) (Quadro4x and Quadro16x only)

Integrated PBX, featuring call handling functions, voice mail, and conferencing

Lifeline port availability in the event of power failure, providing access for one dedicated phone to the PSTN network for emergency services

Uses standard off-the-shelf telephones and works with standard network hubs and switches

  • Model: QuadroFXO
  • Manufactured by: Epygi

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