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Convert your exisiting Digital phones into IP Phones

The CITELlink™ Digital Phone SIP Gateway is the world’s first handset gateway to provide next-generation IP PBX interoperability for traditional PBX telephones across multiple vendor lines. CITELlink™ enables users of traditional digital telephones to access a new SIP based VoIP system while eliminating the Traditional PBX control unit . The Gateway acts as an interface between the traditional PBX telephones and the SIP proxy servers. When supported telephones are configured on the Gateway, phone features—including the displays, softkeys, and supported hardkeys—function like they do on SIP telephones.

CITELlink™ communicates in traditional PBX protocol to traditional telephone handsets and Internet Protocol to an IP PBX or a Hosted IP Centrex service, using Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), and performs the translation between the two simultaneously.

The Gateway is a rack-mountable unit. Each Gateway supports up to 24 traditional telephones and is connected to the traditional telephones using the existing CAT3 telephone wiring, punchdown blocks, and connectors. No additional telephone power is required. The traditional telephones are line powered from the SIP Gateway through an integral power source. This alternative installation eliminates the need for power over Ethernet, Quality of Service upgrades and Hub/Swtich upgrades required for IP Phone deployments.

Enterprise customers can now take advantage of a significantly more cost effective and easier migration opportunity that provides the “freedom of choice” when deploying next generation IP PBX or Hosted IP telephony applications on their traditional telephone handsets, as well as increased scalability. CITELlink™ connects to traditional telephones using the existing telephone wiring and connectors. The telephones remain line-powered from the gateway, and the advanced IP telephony features within the new Hosted IP Centrex service or IP PBX become available on the traditional telephones.


Freedom of Choice.
CITELlink™ unlocks the barriers of traditional PBX systems—giving customers the freedom to communicate—using the IP and SIP platforms of their choice.

Lower Cost of Ownership and Administration.
With CITELlinkTM, businesses can save as much as 40 to 60 percent by retaining their existing investment in telephone handsets and associated wiring infrastructure, reducing the need for upgrades usually required to support IP telephony, and eliminating the need for retraining employees.
Single Dialing Plan
Seamless Call Control and Conferencing
Bridged Line Appearance
Shared Voice Mail and Applications
CTI and Hosted Unified Messaging
Mobility and Telecommuter Support

Deploy Best-of-Breed, Right-Sized Systems.
Customers can now scale their voice network beyond the capacity of an existing platform, while retaining their traditional telephone devices. CITELlinkTM provides users with considerable cost savings in matching the density requirements for small to large enterprise locations and the SIP platforms deployed, with multi-site connectivity. Customers can also mix existing traditional telephones with new IP telephones, as their IP telephony communications needs grow CITELlinkTM enables customers and resellers to immediately access new opportunities in emerging technologies with the most flexible solution available.

Technical Specifications

24 Port 1U Rack-mount Box

Height 44.5 mm (1.75 in)

Width 483 mm (19.0 in)

Length 432 mm (17.0 in)

Weight 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs)

Power Requirements: 100-240v 50-60Hz 2.0A

Operating temperature: 0? to 40?C (32? to 104?F)

Storage Temperature: -40? to 70?C (-40? to 158?F)

Radiated and Humidity: 5% to 85% non-condensing


24 channel status indicators,
Gateway functioning indicator,
System power indicator,
Telephone power indicator,
Service required indicator


RJ21x50-way male for telephone connection
D-type 9-pin female RS-232 diagnostic port
RJ-45 Ethernet connectors


LAN/WAN protocol support Snom, Sylantro, Broadsoft, Asterisk, etc.
10-Base-T Ethernet (1/2 duplex with no auto-negotiation)

Compatibility Chart
Avaya/Lucent: Model Definity
6402 & D, 6408 & D, 6416D, 6424 & D+M, 8403,
8405 & D, 8410B & D, 8411D, 8434DX

  • Manufactured by: Citel.

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