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MTA 5550 is equipped with H.264, the latest innovation in video compression technology delivering superb video quality at low bandwidth. H.264 is the dominant industry standard for video transmission and has been adopted by ITU as the latest video conferencing standard. This means you can expect stunning video with the smallest amount of bandwidth required. With full backward compatibility to H.263, the MTA 5550 ensures interoperability with older H.263 based systems while offering higher quality video when working with H.264 based systems.


The MTA 5550 supports playback of MP3 audio media files. Users can now select and load MP3 ring tones for a personal touch.


The MTA 5550 is equipped with two USB ports for accessories and interconnectivity. Users are able to connect various accessories such as wireless 802.11 USB sticks for wireless access to the router or even connect a flash drive for downloading of ringtones and video files. With this new capability, the interconnectivity to the VideoPhone can be stretched to its fullest potential.


The MTA 5550 was designed with a powerful video engine that allows 3 party video calls without the need for server-based equipment. Initiating a multi-party video chat is now possible without expensive network equipment.


The MTA 5550 is compatible with 3G networks and mobile VideoPhones. Calls can be made between fixed line VideoPhones and 3G mobile VideoPhones, thus enabling face-to-face communications between homes, offices and mobile users on the road.


The MTA 5550 is equipped with a whole new graphic interface. A user-friendly method of menu navigation powered by a TAB based concept. The user can easily navigate and access the set of rich features available in the VideoPhone.


Its simplistic System Utilities program allows the user to carry out maintenance jobs such as backup and restoring files in the VideoPhone. Users do not have to worry about losing contacts or files from now on.


MTA 5550 is equipped with a Comprehensive Contacts Manager. With additional choices such as Photo Identification and multi-number entries, keeping in touch with family and friends is just a button away.


  • Model: MTA 5550
  • Manufactured by: InnoMedia

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