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Digium Dual Span with Echo Cancellation Card for Asteriskā„¢
Supports Both E1/T1 in one single card.

The TE212P offers an on-board DSP-based echo cancellation module. It supports E1, T1, and J1 environments and is selectable on a per-card or per-port basis.

The VPM450M echo cancellation module provides a certified carrier-grade algorithm that has been labeled a benchmark for echo cancellation. The new VPM450M enables users to eliminate echo tails up to 128ms or 1024 taps across all 128 channels in E1 mode or 96 channels in T1/J1 modes. Further, this module takes advantage of the Octasic Voice Quality Enhancement to provide superior sound quality on all calls.

The TE212P supports a 3.3v PCI slot only. If you are unsure about the PCI slots on your motherboard, please click the following link on Digium site.
Will the TE212 fit in my PCI slot?

Feature List
Provide Toll Quality voice over IP Network

Technical Specifications
Eliminate echo tails up to 128ms or 1024 taps across all 128 channels in E1 mode or 96 channels in T1/J1 modes

Physical Specifications
The TE212P is a 32-bit 33MHz card keyed for 3.3 volt operation.

Disclaimer: The above/following description is for information only and may describe a group of products. In any case you should refer to manufacturer web site for detailed information or contact AddVant rep for specific details.

  • Model: TE407
  • Manufactured by: Digium

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